Ocean Club, Paradise Island Bahamas

With it’s long history of hospitality, a stay at this beautiful resort will have you relaxed and wanting to call Ocean Club home!

Ocean Club, a Four Seasons Resort, sits on 34 acres on Paradise Island – which is just over the bridge from Nassau, in the Bahamas. It has a low-key vibe that comes with outstanding service. Add to that a beautiful beach where you can walk in one direction as if all alone on the beach, and the other direction, a bit further down, sits Atlantis Beach Resort in case you need a dose of population.

Let Her Inspire You. . .St. Lucia



St. Lucia, with her lush tropical landscapes, beautiful coastline and of course, the Pitons WILL inspire you!

One can’t help being inspired to jump in the ocean and dive or snorkel to see what lies below the surface, or maybe take a hike up the Pitons. . .or maybe, just maybe — be inspired to take each day as it comes and do a little, a lot or just nothing at all.

St. Lucia has the properties to inspire you to rethink where you want to vacation:)


Symphony of the Seas

November 2018 I was fortunate to be aboard Royal Caribbean’s Symphony of the Seas – one of their Innaugural sailings.

I’m finally getting around to sharing some pix — of this amazing ship.  Now, keep in mind — this size ship is not for everyone.  But for those people who love shows, music, food, stuff going on all the time  — no reason to ever get off the ship (but you should) – this ship is for you!



We spent a day driving from Jerusalem to Tiberius because enroute we visited Masada and had the opportunity to float in the Dead Sea!

Very soon after leaving Jerusalem the terrain changed and we were below sea level.

First stop was Masada – an ancient fortification which was the former fortress palace of King Herod. It is located on the top of an isolated rock plateau, similar to a mesa and is at the eastern edge of the Judean Desert and overlooks the Dead Sea.

In 70 A.D., the Zealots maintained a two-year standoff against eight Roman legions.  When Masada was finally conquered by the Romans, it was a hollow victory.  Rather than be captured by the Romans, the Jews, approximately 960 of them, committed mass suicide or killed each other.

The path winds up and around – like a snake to the top. . .but another way is to take the funicular.

Next stop, the Dead Sea, the lowest point on earth at 1,373 feet below sea level.  This sea water contains so much salt, you just float!  And it’s true – I am very buoyant and had no trouble floating – in fact i had difficulty turning over to stand up. LOL

In fact, we discovered that synchronized swimming wasn’t too difficult in this sea:)