Mojito Recipe

No wonder I like Cuba so much! Enjoy this video, courtesy of which describes — and has the recipe for a classic Mojito.

Classic Mojito Recipe


Found these photos and then misplaced where I had saved them; found them again so posting!  I’m thinking I want to go back for another visit.


Or should I say the ubiquitous Mojito!  And it just so happens that mojitos are my favorite cocktail!  I was in luck as every bar and restaurant had their own version, always, always, made with fresh lime and fresh mint.  If I had a rating scale – it would be 5 mint leaves is the best — down to 0 mint leaves being the worst.  Note – I found none under a 3 mint leave rating!

Rum is also featured in THE Daiquiri. . .supposedly created at Floridita, a restaurant-bar in Havana.  La Cuna del Daiquiri!

Cuba. . .the architecture.

The buildings in Cuba are beautiful to see; some have been kept up and showcase their beauty of days gone by.  Most of them are showing their age but you can still see how gorgeous they once were!

My Mom would appreciate seeing all the laundry hanging out the windows

.  Unlike my Mom who hung her laundry out to get that fresh smell, I’m sure that many Cubans hang their laundry out their windows out of necessity.