Along the waterfront in Bonaire.


Waiting out a little rain squall along the water. In the distance is a mega yacht, Tatoosh, owned by Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft.


How the rich live.


Sun came out!


A beginner’s dive class and some local kids in the water.


A small boat. . .


And a LARGE container ship.

The Donkey Sanctuary

When visiting Bonaire, be sure to visit the Donkey Sanctuary and get “up close and personal” with its inhabitants.

Donkeys have been living on this tropical island for hundreds of years as they were originally brought over to be used for hard labor. When modern transportation made these creatures unnecessary  – they were simply left to their own devices to wander the island.

In 1993, Dutch nationals Marina Melis and Ed Koopman established this donkey sanctuary and today there are over 600 donkeys in residence.

Castles & Cars

ImageBack at the end of February, I took a trip to Germany, a short trip – 6 nights, 7, including the transatlantic flight over to Dusseldorf.  It was my first trip to Germany and my trip companions were my husband and grown son.  So, since there were men involved and we were going to be in Germany — cars had to be on the itinerary!  And since it was Germany – well, castles had to be on the itinerary as well.

So, hence the theme of the trip: “Castles and Cars”. So, why did we go during winter?  Well, a deal on airfare and the timing worked for all three of us.  But, as we discovered, we want to go back – to see more of the country and to experience Germany during the Spring or Summer.